Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once you have purchased an image license (including the Customize Image service), you will be given a link to get started. This takes you to the Design Studio and automatically initiates your design job.

1. Tell us what you need changed

Describe in detail how you’d like the vector image to be adjusted. Include any reference images that might be relevant (eg. color samples or your business logo). The more specific your can be, the more likely that an artist will accept your job and make the changes you’re looking for.

2. Artist begins work

An available artist will accept you job request and begin work. They may ask more questions as part of this process. When they’ve made the changes they will upload an image for you to preview. Please allow a reasonable amount of time (eg. 48 hours) for an artist to accept your job and respond. They are sometimes working in a different timezone or are slower to respond over weekends.

Once the project has started and the designer has submitted a design, the job can not be refunded.

3. Design feedback

You have an opportunity to respond and provide the artist with detailed feedback about the preview. They may get it perfect on their first attempt or they may need a bit more direction. Try and be clear and polite with your designer - it helps them follow your instructions and design the image you want.

4. Job is complete!

When you’re happy with the changes, let the designer know and mark the job as complete. They can provide the final image in several different formats (eg. EPS, JPG, TIFF), just let them know what you’d like.