Frequently Asked Questions

Ways to Buy

There are three ways to buy vector images at VectorStock:


Pay-per-Image purchases are best suited for visitors who just want a single image, without any fuss. You can pay for the license you want and instantly download the image, without having to create an account or save a payment method.


Credits are a form of VectorStock currency, 1 Credit costs $1 USD. They can be exchanged for vector licenses; a Standard license costs from 1 credit and an Expanded license costs from 30 credits. Credits are a flexible way of buying images - you can use them when and however you like. There is a minimum purchase of 30 credits.


Subscription plans allow you to download several vectors each month, up to your plan’s limit. These are best for members who download a lot of images. Plans offer the best value for money (from 69¢ an image) and any unused downloads rollover to the next month and accumulate over time. Only Standard licenses are available to buy with a subscription.

Learn more and compare our payment types on our Pricing page.