Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects are copyright?

Illustrations of the below subjects are prohibited from being submitted as content. When an illustration is based on a copyright subject it may still be usable if the finished illustration is far enough removed from the original source and that the source is no longer obvious in the final work. This is NOT the definitive list of copyright subjects there may be many more copyright subjects; this list is a guideline only.

Logos & Trademarks

Logos, trademarks, company names, product names, product branding or trademarked and patented designs.

Product Designs

Most modern toys, many brand name watches, brand name computers and gaming consoles, mp3 players such as Apple’s Ipod™ etc, and other illustrations distinctly resembling known licenced products.


Some brands of transport and some major motor company vehicles designs or copyrighted.


Paintings, sculptures, any object in a museum, any object in an art gallery, including public sculpture, some architecture, cartoon characters.


Modern maps, documents where names are mentioned, computer screens (interfaces and icons you did not create originally are copyrighted).

Copied Illustrations

Traced illustrations based on photography you are not the author of, fashion editorials or images that you do not own the original copyright for.

Government & Military Property

Agency insignia, military decorations, Presidential seals, some currency.

Trademarked Buildings, Monuments & Landmarks

The intellectual property laws of this category can sometimes be confusing. It is best to research the structure before uploading it. For instance, illustrations of the Eiffel Tower are legal for resale.