Ways to Buy at VectorStock


$14.99USD per image

How it works

Pay separately each time you download a vector image


  • Quick & easy
  • No account required

Suitable for

If you just want one vector image without signing up or ongoing commitments


60¢USD per image

How it works

Pay monthly for high-volume access to vector images


  • Best price per image
  • Keep unused downloads

Suitable for

If you have a regular need for vector images and want the cheapest possible price

Compare Purchase Methods

Not sure which is best for you? Here‘s an easy way to see the difference:

Price per image (Standard license)
$14.99 USD
$1 USD
From 60¢ USD
Price per image (Expanded license)
$39.99 USD
$30 USD
Minimum payment required
$14.99 USD
$30 USD
$29 USD

Subscription Plans

Subscribe to one of our plans and save up to 95% on vector images!

Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Vector images per month
Price per month
$29 USD
$49 USD
$89 USD
Cost per image
97¢ USD
82¢ USD
74¢ USD
Price per year
$299 USD
$468 USD
$864 USD
Cost per image
83¢ USD
65¢ USD
60¢ USD
Keep unused downloads
Standard & Editorial licenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use more than one payment method?

Absolutely. You can pick the payment method that is best for you at the time.

Can I still download vector images for free?

You sure can. Head to our Free vectors page to browse and search within our collection of more than 300,000 free vector images.

Why can‘t I download Expanded licenses with a Subscription?

Subscriptions are for Standard and Editorial image licenses only. Expanded licenses need to be purchased using Pay-per-Image or Credits.

If you need to buy Expanded licenses in bulk, contact our support team and we can arrange a custom plan.

Do I need to signup to buy vector images?

Not at all - you can buy using Pay-per-Image as a guest, without having to create an account.

Do pay-per-image download links expire?

If you buy as a guest, download links expire after 72 hours. You can contact support to get a new link - or even better, signup to create an account where your download link will never expire!

What happens to the balance of my Subscription downloads if I don‘t use them all in a month?

They rollover to the next month. As long as you keep an active plan, your allotted downloads will continue to build up until you are ready to use them.

You’re in good company

VectorStock images are used by many world-leading businesses, including:

Warner Bros.
Amazon Studios