Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Programme

Earn money by promoting VectorStock! Every new signup you generate earns you 20% of their first purchase.


  1. Login to VectorStock and visit your Account page
  2. Select on the Affiliate tab and click the Request Affiliate Access button
  3. VectorStock will send you an email - click the embedded link to activate your registration
  4. The linked page will now display your Affiliate ID!


Link to VectorStock using your affiliate ID like this:


Visitors will land on the home page and VectorStock will remember them. If they subsequently signup and purchase credits within 48 hours, you earn 20%!

If you'd like to link to a specific portfolio instead (perhaps your own work), just add your affiliate ID to the end of the URL, like this:


We have a collection of banner images you may use here.


You earn 20% of a new user's first credit purchase, referred via your affiliate link (within 48 hours of the initial referral). The minimum purchase on VectorStock is $25, which means the minimum you earn from each signup is $5.

For example:

John visits your website and clicks on your link to VectorStock.
He signs up and purchases $100 worth of credits.
You earn yourself $20!

Earnings are tracked and updated every 24 hours on your Account page. Once earnings reach $100 you can request a payout. Money is paid directly to your PayPal or MoneyBookers account and processed within 72 hours.

Terms & Conditions

Affiliate purchases must be made by new users, within 48 hours of their initial signup. Earnings are capped at $50 per transaction.

A referral link is NOT valid on any site VectorStock has current advertising on unless support@vectorstock.com has been notified. Special conditions apply.

You CAN NOT use your referral links to purchase keywords in Google Adwords or any similar advertising programme. Doing so will result in account termination.

You may not misrepresent VectorStock, spam or mislead users in any way. If we receive any confirmed spam complaints, your account will be closed.

All referral links are IP / domain tracked and validated before any payment is credited. Credited referrals maybe reversed at any time if any of the above terms are broken.

Last updated: 24th September 2021