Frequently Asked Questions

Uploading vectors correctly [IMPORTANT]

Firstly before you can upload, you will need to sign up. Just submit a jpeg of some of your work and if it is suitable for sale on VectorStock® you will be granted upload access.

  1. Keep it clean and organized!

    Messy vectors are not accepted — who wants to work with a tangled mess of Vectors?! Keep designers coming back for more by taking those extra few moments to do the house keeping on that file.

  2. Make sure your design falls within the confines of the artboard and always check outside the artboard area for any stray points or paths

    You should also organize your illustration elements on layers for ease of editing.

    Your vector file should have all filled paths closed for better compatibility. Your files should have all stray points and loose ends cleaned up. In Adobe Illustrator use Object > Path > Clean Up to remove these unwanted elements or use this Specialized selection tool > SelectMenu that allows you to search for open paths, stray points, text objects and many useful elements.

  3. Convert your type to outlines

    Creating outlines of your type converts each letter to its own vector shape. You cannot edit the type as a font once it is converted to outlines. In Adobe Illustrator select all the type objects. Type > Create Outlines.

  4. Reduce your artwork size

    Always resize your artwork to the artboard dimensions 380 x 400 will produce max size and perfect proportion images for the file preview. Always disable the preview generated by Illustrator: Saving the file with a rasterized preview will only increase the file size. When you save your file, choose “None” for the preview section under the EPS options dialog box. Remove unused symbols, graphic styles, brushes, and swatches this will drop your file size. Flatten transparencies at High Resolution.

    Note: Only do this if you are NOT going to supply the native CS file in the upload. Object > Flatten Transparency. Make sure you DO NOT trasterize your artwork as it will no longer be a true vector, and will not be accepted.

  5. Save your vector image/illustration/icon(s) as an .EPS VERSION 8 (Encapsulated Postscript) file

    Your EPS file must be saved as an EPS VERSION 8. If you use transparency in Adobe CS, you may include the CS file and can indicate this when uploading.

    Using Illustrator 10: Choose File > Save As… Choose “Illustrator EPS” from the drop down menu. Under compatibility, Choose “Version 8.0.”

    Using Illustrator CS: Choose File > Export. Choose “Illustrator Legacy”. Save your work as an Illustrator 8 file.

    Using Illustrator CS2: Choose File > Save As… At the top of the dialog box, choose “Illustrator 8 EPS” under “Version.

    Using Illustrator CS2: Chose File > Save As… At the top of the dialog box, choose “Illustrator 8 EPS” under “Version.

  6. Open the EPS file in Adobe Photoshop or the like and create a preview 380x400 pixels wide (this is the max size)

    Depending on your file orientation there maybe some blank space around the sides or bottom. Save your file as an RGB JPEG at full quality. The maximum preview size is 380x400 pixels, so if your illustration is almost square you will fill the maximum preview window.


      You may also create a detail sample or close up section of your illustration at 380 x 400 pixels high. This is optional and is often used when a file contains lots of detail, which may not be visible from your main preview. This will give potential downloader’s a better indication of the detail your file may contain. This will be available as a pop up button next to you main preview.

  7. Place your EPS into a folder and ZIP the folder

    You may add other file types i.e. native illustrator CS files if you have used Adobe Illustrators Gradient Mesh features/transparency and want to make the file available in your original format so a buyer can edit your Gradient Mesh/ transparency once downloaded.

    Note: Once a file is saved as EPS VERSION 8 Gradient Mesh and transparency features from new versions will be lost or flattened – Please check your file once saved back to EPS VERSION 8. You must indicate file features i.e. Gradient Mesh / CS file included in the file details page once uploaded.

    Note: Gradient Mesh can only be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

  8. Key words must be accurate; key word spamming will result in the file being removed

    You may enter a maximum of 20 key words; this includes the title of the file. The more accurate your key words are, the more chance users will find your file and purchase it.